Registration for the CAIC 2021 in Wels | Austria and Online

Localising the European Green Deal


When: 8 to 10 September 2021

Where: Minorite Monastery | Minoritenplatz 4 | 4600 Wels | Austria & Online


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1. Participant Information
Events will be translated into English (EN), German (DE) and partly also into Spanish (ES), Portuguese (PT) and Russian (RU) as indicated in the programme.
2. Programme
Please select how you would like to participate in the conference:

If you would like to attend the conference on-site in Wels, please enter your mobile phone number for the purpose of Corona tracking. The data will be deleted 28 days after the end of the conference.

Programme items in black are on-site in Wels.
All programme items in blue are streamed or online only.
09:00 - 11:00 Climate Alliance working groups (parallel):
14:00 - 15:30 Various Parallel Workshops:

11:30 - 13:30 Workshops: Green Deal Going Local
Some workshops are streamed and only online
Excursions in Wels:
3. Data protection & send

This statement will inform you how we will treat the data you submit when registering for Climate Alliance International Conference online and in Wels/Austria. The data collected during registration will be used exclusively for the implementation of the digital and on-site conference and will be made available to the conference organisers Klimabündnis Oberösterreich and Klima-Bündnis e.V (headquarters Frankfurt).

Data of member municipalities’ representatives and member organisations are stored for association related purposes. Data will be deleted on demand of the respective individual. All other data will deleted 28 days (Corona-Rule Austria) after the conference ended.

Votebox will provide us with an internet-based platform and necessary individual login data for the General Assembly voting. Votebox will be given the name of full member municipalities and the e-mail you register with. Votebox will send you your login datas to the e-mail you registered with. Votes will be conducted anonymously and processed only for the evaluation of results.

Climate Alliance is working with the Hopin platform to make this event possible. I understand that my registration details will be processed by Hopin for the purposes of the organisation of the Climate Alliance International Conference 2021. Hopins data privacy policy can be found here For further information on Climate Alliance´s data privacy please refer
Please note that online seminars are recorded and some introductory events are streamed. However, you can switch off your video camera and mute the sound.